Mindfulness@Work • Performance (5 Weeks)

We are living in the “attention economy” where the ability to manage our attention and the quality of our focus, is critical and a main factor for success. Mindfulness@Work - Performance is a mindfulness based corporate training program designed to train participants how to manage attention, sharpen focusdevelop clarity and improve awareness through mindfulness practices and techniques. Developing and integrating these mindfulness skills into work, is intended to give immediate benefits in performance (and work safety) but also engagement and job satisfaction.


The program offers a comprehensive training of two foundational mindfulness skills: sharp focus and open awareness. Together, these two skills help develop a stable, balanced and high-performing mind.

  • Awareness: cultivate present moment mindful awareness of our internal and external experience

  • Attention: improve attention regulation by decreasing frequency/periods of distractions/interruptions

  • Focus: enhance attentional stability and mental clarity for insights and critical thinking



  • Duration: 5 weeks 1 session/week ~90’/session (7,5 Hrs Total)

  • Format: Didactic part, guided practices, sharing and reflection

  • Support: Audio and print materials / Individual home practice program 

  • Language: Greek/English

Οι υπηρεσίες (προγράμματα, σεμινάρια, εργαστήρια)  που περιγράφονται σε αυτό το δικτυακό τόπο είναι ψυχοεκπαιδευτικές, απευθύνονται σε ηλικίες άνω των 16 ετών (αναλόγως δραστηριότητας) και σε καμία περίπτωση δεν αποτελούν υποκατάστατο ιατρικής ψυχικής φροντίδας, επαγγελματικής ιατρικής περίθαλψης ή ιατρικά ενδεδειγμένης φαρμακευτικής θεραπείας.

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