Mindfulness@Work • Seminar & Workshop

An informative and interactive seminar, based on the latest findings of neuroscience with the objective participants to gain a better understanding of the mental habits and evolutionary factors that inhibit our attention regulation and trigger the stress response. Participants will then have the opportunity to introduced and get a “taste” of what mindfulness is as well as learn the many applications and key scientificfic findings supporting the potential it has for improving our mental performance and psychological health through the process of neuroplasticity.

  • Duration: 1,5 Hrs

  • Structure: 75’ Presentation + ~15’ Q&As

  • Format: Interactive Presentation

  • Language: Greek/English



In this introductory workshop, participants will have a unique and exclusive opportunity to get familiarized with simple, yet affective, practices and techniques for developing key mindfulness skills. With gentle guidance and self reflection, they will experientially learn formal and informal ways to strengthen their attention and cultivate concentration as well as finding inner calmness through stillness by learning how to return intentionally, again and again, to the immediate direct experience, in the present moment. The only moment that we ever have to learn, change and grow!


  • Duration: 3 Hrs

  • Key Skills: Various mindfulness awareness practices

  • Format: Guided practices, sharing, reflection and feedback

  • Support: Audio and print materials with further resources for individual practice

  • Language: Greek/English


* Workshop’ s implementation requires prior implementation of the introductory seminar.

“As culture, we have invested a lot of time, energy and resources to acquire knowledge and thinking skills but rarely invest in understanding and developing the ‘mechanism’ we really think with - the mind itself.”

Dr. Ellen Langer Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Harvard University

Οι υπηρεσίες (προγράμματα, σεμινάρια, εργαστήρια)  που περιγράφονται σε αυτό το δικτυακό τόπο είναι ψυχοεκπαιδευτικές, απευθύνονται σε ηλικίες άνω των 16 ετών (αναλόγως δραστηριότητας) και σε καμία περίπτωση δεν αποτελούν υποκατάστατο ιατρικής ψυχικής φροντίδας, επαγγελματικής ιατρικής περίθαλψης ή ιατρικά ενδεδειγμένης φαρμακευτικής θεραπείας.

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