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Workplace Mindfulness Training

In today’ s, knowledge based, “always on” and highly distracting working environments, our ability to pay attention and focus at will, is under continues siege. In addition, pressure, complexity and uncertainty lead to high stress reactivity and diminishing efficiency, creativity and work satisfaction. On top to these, digital transformations are now accelerating as work moves out of offices into remote working.

Recent scientific research clearly supports that mindfulness has a positive impact on our psychology, performance and physiology. More specifically, science recognizes that systematic cultivation of mindfulness can improve attention and concentration as well as enhance resilience and well-being. When people bring their best, full selves to work, absenteeism drops along with fatigue and stress. Distractibility is replaced with focus, clarity and performance. The "good news" is that these are skills that can be trained!

When mindfulness developed and cultivated in a workplace environment, it can bring multiple benefits to the employees such as:

  • Improve attention regulation and concentration

  • Reduce stress and increase resilience

  • Improve critical thinking and decision making

  • Enhance creativity and innovation

  • Improve communication & team cooperation

  • Enhance psychological health and wellbeing

Virtual Team Meeting

In the midst of distractions, changing priorities and uncertainty, mindfulness will give your team focus and balance combined with access to inner resources for resilience and creativity.

Mindfulness Training Services

Additional Services

Based on your team's needs, we can provide additional training services such as:

Mindfulness Boosters

Mindfulness “Booster”

After completion of a mindfulness training program (Performance or Resilience) it’s highly recommended to follow a three to six months weekly 50-minute group practice, for optimizing and maximizing program's benefits. In that period, it can also be developed an internal mindfulness “ambassador/champion”.

Mental Gyms

Mental "Gyms"

On demand ‍50-minute mind training sessions because the mind is a muscle that needs to be exercised!


Our clients are forward-thinking, purpose-driven organizations who are taking care of their people and building capabilities for a better future.

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